Khazzan Project for SME Development 5

Overview of the Program

A total of 214 Applications were received in the 5th batch of Khazzan Project for SME Development. The Programme aims to enhance the performance of 15 SMEs by evaluating their qualities and potentials through identifying their strength points and potential growth opportunities in 12 months in 7 different areas: Business Administration, Branding and Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Communication and Relations, Products and Service Quality, and Policies.

Khazzan Project for SME Development has been awarded by Riyada as the ‘Best Development Initiative’ in the category of Entrepreneur Supporters at the Riyada Award Ceremony for the year 2020, which was organized by the Authority of Small and Medium Enterprises Development (Riyada).

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The company is involved in translation services including translation of books related to scientific field. The Promoter is experienced in Molecular Biology that qualifies him to understand the original texts of the scientific books. The objective is to enrich the Arabic culture and open a roadmap for modern ideas in the Arab world.
Among the scientific books translated by Hamad AlGhaithi are: “Endless Forms Most Beautiful,” which won the Sultan Qaboos Award for Culture, Arts and Literature in 2016, and “Neanderthals” and “Stem Cells”.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan Project for SME Development:

• Analysis of the business model and overall concept
• Consultation on branding guidelines
• Marketing Plan Strategy Advice.
• Advise on financial management
• Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dar Al Ghaith could not complete the program.

Anwar Seih Al Nahidah Trading is a transportation company established in 1995 serving the local market with services such as transportation of commodities, fuel, hazardous waste management, medical waste management in addition to transportation of drinking water, non-drinking water and sewage water.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan project for SME Development:

• Support and advice given to enhance company identity
• Social media review and analysis.
• Advice and guidance on the development of content for different media such as the company’s website.
• Review of accounting systems and advice on the best system to be used as per the company’s activities and requirements.
• Creation and maintenance of Assets Register for better asset management.
• Guidance and introduction of company’s operations and best practices in the management of contracts.

Solid Earth Projects is in manufacturing sector, which is a result of the In-Country Value initiative from the Ministry of Oil, Gas and Minerals. The company manufactures Flanges of high-pressure pipes and associated fittings used in many industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Water, Mining, etc., The company maintains international standards to ensure high quality to principles and Safety measures.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan project for SME Development:

• Through the short life span of the company and the practical experiences of the owners the performance of the company is impressive and it operates with clear and effective systems and processes. From the performance analysis, it was found that the company had deficiency in the marketing aspect and branding and it was necessary to work on developing a marketing plan for the year 2021 to improve the organization’s performance in the marketing field.
• Improvement of the organizational regulations in line with the principles of sustainable development.

Al Dosari Global Contracting LLC , is a contracting company specializing in the field of Telecommunications and Electricity. The company has been serving the Oil & Gas production stations in Oman since 2009. Telecommunication is a rapid growing sector, where they provide services in the field of high-speed Internet for homes and commercial buildings.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan Project for SME Development:

• After the financial analysis of the company’s performance, proposals were made to review the internal procedures and improve the financial systems administratively and legislatively.
• Progress of updating the ISO quality certificates, as well as looking at improving institutional effectiveness by improving internal processes.
• Formulating a new marketing plan commensurate with modern marketing methods with branding methods.

Arkan Sohar is a logistics service provider that started operations in 2014. The company is headquartered in Sohar and recently opened new offices in Muscat and Duqm. The company is involved in Freight & Forwarding services, Land transportation, Port handling services and Inspection support services

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan project for SME Development:

• Developed Action Plan for risk mitigation
• Action Plan advise for obtaining the ISO certificate
• The Business Performance Monitoring Tool was utilized and resulted in the company implementing Quality Manuals, Market Research & improved Policies.
• Analysis and advise on the company financial statements

UPI is a company engaged in manufacturing shale shakers screens which are used in drilling sites. The factory is located in Nizwa. The company is considered the only factory in Oman producing Shale Shakers. It competes with international products and constantly working on improving the quality.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan project for SME Development:

• Advice on risk mitigation and insurance of company assets
• Advice on maintaining records related to Product Redesign for the quality enhancement
• Guidance on Action Plan resulted in the creation of a Stakeholder’s Engagement Plan
• Guidance on Action Plan resulted to reforming branding guidelines and revamping the website

Al Tamimi National Projects is a Plant Nursery project established in 2013 that offers full-fledged gardening services. The Nursery grows and nurtures variety of indoor and outdoor plants for retail purposes. The company provides services such as installation of Water Systems, sell of ceramic and pottery plant pots, fertilizers and insecticides, natural and artificial grass related consultations.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan project for SME Development:

• Assistance on the delivery of service process and enhancement of customer experience by implementing self-service system.
• Guidance and support on Branding and marketing on different media channels.
• In depth Review of the financial aspects such as financial recording system and pricing. Additional advice on the installation of cloud-based accounting and POS payment system and clear structure of pricing strategy.
• Advice on the innovation of business model where many facilities have been added such as educational and entertainment area for kids, Events and Workshops.
• Creation of contracts register for a better management and planning of external projects.

Rajah Al-Amri Cargo and Shipping Agency, is an SME working in the field of Customs clearance and Port logistics services. Its founder Mr. Rajah Al Amri is an active contributor to the development of new laws and services working closely with the stakeholders of logistics market in Oman. The business’s main office is in Salalah but operates from all ports in Oman.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan project for SME Development:

• In depth assessment of company activities and services that resulted in redesigning of products and services.
• Support in the creation of new marketing brand to support the revised marketing strategy
• Detailed analysis of company internal operation that led the development of new HR manual to enhance the quality of services given to employees and introduce the best practices for existing operations.

Hormuz Energy Services is a limited liability company working in Oil and Gas services providing companies with special equipment in Well engineering, Drilling, Pipelines, Pumping tools and related services. It is one of the companies with a high Omanization level of 80% and works on approved principles and foundations with high standards, clear regulations and with focus on , health and safety in the work environment.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan project for SME Development:

• As a result of financial and administrative analysis, the project developed an Action Plan to create an integrated financial and administrative management system (ERP) on Oracle platform.
• Prepared the budget for the year 2021, including financial projections, expenditures and expected expansion of operations.
• Developing a marketing plan that includes the mechanisms and methods used, with a special budget for it
• Reviewing the general strategy of the company and identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities
• Enhancing insurance services to include a greater amount of property, employees, and even the corporation’s general debts

IREC is a company providing solutions related to solar energy. They are specialized in installing Solar Panels and Devices that operate using the solar energy such as water heaters for households and companies.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan project for SME Development:

• Supported in obtaining a customized cloud based (ERP) system for managing financials, HR and operations
• Detailed assessment of Cost Benefit analysis done which resulted in the purchase of Assets resulting in savings in the operational expenses
• Support in the creation of an HR and HSE Manual
• Support in preparation of the Marketing Plan strategy
• Social media review and analysis for enhanced visibility and overall improvement.

Interactive Educational Technology (IET) LLC - The Space Makers is a company that is involved in conducting simplified interactive workshops for school and college students. It is related to the 4th industrial revolution, internet of things and environmental sustainability. Besides the company is providing Event Management services as part of its sub-brand “Space Makers”.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan Project for SME Development:

• Support given in the implementation and explanation of the mechanism of recording financial data.
• Advise on how to develop an HR manual.
• Impact of the Pandemic compelled a new Business Model.
• Evaluation of the Business Plan for Specialized Carpentry project as an added activity supporting downstream business.
• Analysis of the social media platform.
• Preparation of Marketing plan strategy.

United four Seasons is a tourism project located in Sur. The business targets the local market as well as foreign tourists. Maryam acts as the intermediary agent between the tourists and the service provider. United four Seasons plays the active role of executing various tourism and cultural related activities. Some of the activities include: Farm reservations, Dhow Cruising, arrangement for folk dance groups and preparation of traditional food for guests.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan project for SME Development:

• Support and advice on the revision of the business model.
• Review and assessment of the new company logo.
• Review analysis of the Mobile Application and its development.
• Step by step guidance on cashflow preparation and management.
• Social media review and company branding.
• Overall mentorship and encouragement for a business that operates using best practices.

Shim Al Shahba Fitness is a Gym located in Al Musannah in Al Batinah Governorate. The gym started operations in 2018. The targeted customers are the local women to provide them with a suitable place to exercise and enjoy gym classes and related facilities.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan project for SME Development:

• Support and guidance given in the task of revamping and upgrading the existing infrastructure.
• Business Development review that determines and justify the inadequacy of gym equipment and the need for additional equipments that generate better income.
• Cash management was manual and very basic Excel, which was converted into a better developed sheet of Cashflow Management.
• Social Media Consultation that witnessed positive change and enhanced the company Instagram Account.
• Recommendation and guidance in developing a marketing plan.
• Intelligent support administered in the creation of crucial company policies.

GEO Solutions Engineering operates primarily as a service provider in geotechnical investigation/ diamond core drilling (surface and subsurface explorations) services to architects, developers, consultants and contractors. They commenced operations in 2016.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan Project for SME Development:

•Detailed financial analysis have been conducted and areas of improvement for better financial management have been shared.

•A company transportation truck has been acquired for transporting tools and equipment where the payback period for this investment is less than 2 years, resulting in substantial saving on transportation

•The company has been guided to establish and follow a proper and significant record management system.

•Fundamental guidance and feedback have been provided on how to manage social media channels in a more professional manner, besides developing a Marketing Plan.

•Numerous vital and meaningful policies have been created that includes: HR policy, Code of Conduct and HSSE policy.

International Specialized Center is a specialized medical clinic for Heart and Vascular diseases. The clinic started its operations in year 2018 from its location on 18th November Street in Muscat. The project is also approved to trade in specialized medical equipment and medicines.

Benefits/Impacts from Khazzan Project for SME Development:

• Indepth assessment of Asset Cost versus Benefit analysis that resulted in the purchase of the company Van to eliminate transportation issue.

• Diagnosis of the existing Marketing Plan and guidance on the Strategy and Branding of the Center.

• Review, Evaluation and Recommendation for improvement of the Business Plan and Strategy

• Support by way of recommendation for developing best practice for Human Resources and for safeguarding high value assets.

• Service quality verification through third party/indirect method.