Khazzan Project for SME Development 4

Overview of the Program

Enhancing the performance of 24 SMEs by evaluating their qualities
and potentials through identifying their strong points and potential
growth opportunities over a period of 12 months in 7 different areas:
Business Administration, Branding, Marketing, Finance, Human
Resources, Communication and Relations, Products and Service
Quality, and Policies.

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Engineering Village is an educational center that focuses on developing engineering & technology related skills through providing technical training and learning activities for all ages. In addition, it supplies the equipment used in conducting workshops which enable learners to have direct access to martials required.
Engineering Village successfully launched its new center in Al Muzn Mall and currently open to technology lovers from different age groups to explore and develop their skills through wide range of well-designed programs.
Engineering for Kids was established with the intent of being an educational after-school activity for kids where subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are taught creatively and practically.
The company, apart from having its own center for after-school activities and also caters to various schools and corporates at their location around Oman.
The BP Khazzan Project for SME Development played a supporting role in the Finance and
Accounting function. The company was assisted in finding a solution for an accounting software. Substantial jump in their Rating was observed.
Destination Sustainability was established with a purpose to bring about the Sustainability thought and ideas, that is also found in the core values and ethics of the Omani culture, into the corporate, governmental and civil society perspective. They offer consultation services in sustainable development that includes assessment of existing projects, developing strategies and policies, training and research in the field of sustainability.
By joining the BP Program for SME Development and gained the following:
• Developed a comprehensive HR Manual
• Developed a Records Management Policy
• Number of employees increased from 2 to 6
all Omanis
• Has been given the responsibility of
supervising BP social investment programs
for 2 years
• Is expected to start a major social investment
project with a large bank in 2019
Tawasul was incorporated in August 2008 as the first national, independent and private
“Think Tank” project in Oman, serving locally with international standards. The company is driven by its vision to be the primary and preferred catalyst for an effective and efficient civil society in Oman.
Tawasul pursues its great mission “to empower the civil society institutions through training and knowledge” aided by home-grown partnerships and support, presenting Oman as the leading country in the field of societal solidarity and partnerships between the public sector, the private sector and the civil society organizations.
As per the company’s vision, a training program was launched to strengthen the capabilities of Omani business women. The program targets 20 women from 10 small and medium enterprises owned by Omani businesswomen to provide them with sustainability skills to help them work more efficiently to achieve their professional aspirations.
A three-year business plan was developed to achieve Tawasul’s core targets and
strengthening its operations. In addition, the project has maintained a good administrative
and financial system.
Global Telecom Projects Company is a technology provider company, an implementer and an operator for integrated technology solutions and services. The owner, a distinguished Telecom Engineer with more
than 30 years of experienced has diversified its products and services to provide the clients with a full package solution line that includes smart technology, home automation, indoor and outdoor LED screens etc.
The company’s objective is to become one of the leading integrated solution company. The program has assisted Global Telecom Projects to advance and upscale its array of telecom services.
Global Telecom has benefited from the BP Khazzan Project for SME Development program through the evaluation of the company’s comprehensive assessment. Some of the benefits included the acquisition of major assets that will enhance the company’s efficiency.
Nibras Al-Qamar Trading LLC, established in 2004, is a family-owned Omani business that is managed and operated by highcaliber personnel. Nibras has over 10 years of experience with skilled and qualified
employees. Nibras specializes in the manufacture of carpentry products and undertake all types of carpentry work for both residential and commercial establishments, speci?cally all types of furnishing, commercial interiors, home décor and bespoke furniture. The factory’s production facility is well equipped with a modern joinery and with sophisticated wood working machines with a separate paint & polish shop.
The benefits of the BP Project for SME Development are exhibited below:
• A detailed analysis of the financials of the
company was conducted.
• A Non-Disclosure Agreement for the factory
was reviewed and feedback given
• Support on acquiring equipment and
enhancing the business improvement
• Consultation on the Marketing Plan
• Professional Photoshoot was done to
promote the business
Al-Etihad International Institute is a training institute that specializes in providing training and development programs and offers consultation services in human resources
development. The institute has completed 22 years in operation and has offered training services in several Willayats across Oman. It provides training courses and workshops in different fields like Human Resources
Development, Management and Finance, English language and IT.
The BP Khazzan Project for SME Development has supported he institute in various areas for example:
• Developing a Marketing Plan for mid-2018 &
• Preparing a basic Budget for mid-2018 &
• Development of general policies and
development of the forms related to Human
Resources and Records Management and
regulations related to the institution
• Developing a structure for effective recording
of Minutes of the meeting.
• Recording of entries in an Asset Registrar
• Obtaining 3 more international certificates
and applying for ISO standards.
• There has been a substantial jump in their
Global Space & Technology Company was established in 2017 and specializes in Space and Modern technologies. The company has successfully implemented a number of different projects in the field of Space Science
and technology and space and other related services.
The company has many achievements and success through the Space Science Programs and advanced scientific and technical projects carried out by the team. Such as consulting
projects in scientific centers, space simulation centers, unmanned aircraft projects (Drones) and simulators. Besides they promote knowledge through these projects, such as:
“Research study on the best locations in Oman for the establishment of space rocket launchers” and “Space Encyclopedia with augmented reality technology”. It is worth mentioning that the company recently completed the preparation of a book on space technology and will be published soon along with other courses and lectures related to space science and technology. Global Space & Technology company has benefited from the BP Khazzan Project for SME Development through a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of its operations.
This has enabled the company to diversify its activities in the technology industry.
Orchid Ibri is a gift and flowers shop located in Ibri. The project’s activities are selling of
fresh flowers and a wide range of gift items for various occasions. The company also provides services in organizing events like weddings, children’s birthday parties, Cartoon Costumes etc.
Orchid Ibri is well known in the Willayat of Ibri and its services covers all the neighboring Willayas by offering delivery services.
During the BP Khazzan Project for SME Development, Orchid was able to improve some of the organizational aspects such as:
• Using the financial system for producing
monthly financials
• Updating the billing system
• Adding new services which were not
available such as Cartoons for birthdays and
other celebrations.
• Creating a list of assets and properties to
improve the quality of resource management
• Protecting the company assets and
employees by obtaining an insurance policy
• Improving the content of the social media
channels for promotion.
Perfection Pioneers is a factory founded in 2016 that is involved in the manufacturing of all types of paper products. The factory focuses on producing environment friendly goods that are produced from recycled materials. It has acquired a manufacturing license for paper cup that is environment friendly and named it “Athar” which means ‘Impact’. These cups are sold in major supermarkets locally and exported to neighboring countries.
Perfection Pioneers aims to expand its line of production to include more paper products.
The BP project for SME Development has assisted the factory to acquire a new and advanced machinery. This will pave way for an expansion plan and a relocation to new and spacious area that will accommodate the future production capacity.
Rand Events Organizing Company is musical company specialized in the production of concerts, founded in 2016 that is involved in organizing musical events. The company was established by Composer and talented Maestro
Mr.Nasser Al Kindi. In the entertainment industry, they specialize in performing live music concerts, playing all types of melodies using different musical instruments. Maestro is well experienced in his field of work and has performed for high profile individuals, institutions as well as the corporate market.
The company is considered the only one of its kind in Oman in terms of musical diversity.
Rand has successfully performed and spread musical arts to prosper both locally and internationally. Maestro has accomplished the recompositing of a number of famous international melodies and musically re-tuned
them with Arabic classic soulful tunes. The company benefited from the BP project for SME Development through the book-keeping, better financial and record management and development of promotional activities. The
grant was utilized in the purchase of equipment that set to advance the quality of live music offered for audience.
The Modern Tamkeen company was founded in 2014. The company, located in Bousheer and is involved in activities related to projects management in the Oil & Gas sector including facility set-up, drilling optimizing services and provision of specialty products.
The Modern Tamkeen benefited from the project by enhancing their brand identity and related activities. In addition to developing an application that is expected to be launched in the coming months. The application is designed
to create on-spot communication between field engineers at drilling sites and clients to share real-time updates on operations. The updates include status of tasks achieved and pending
tasks to be done. Furthermore, challenges faced and other related details. The increased speed of flow information flow will positively boost problem-solving measures taken.
National Strategy is a company specialized in the cleaning and sterilization of water tanks
and connection of water pipes. In addition to, electronic maintenance services. The company is registered and approved by the General Authority for Electricity and Water, and is providing a number of measuring devices for
water treatment and services related disposal of hazardous waste.
National Strategy Company aims to raise local awareness on the importance of regular cleaning of water tanks.
Through the BP Khazzan Project for SME Development, the company benefited in enhancing its financial management and creating a new brand identity along with promotional activities that is set to be
announced soon.
National Strategy utilized the grant to execute its expansion plan to increase the scope of operations using the newly purchased equipment.
Araa United Contracting is a company that specializes in connecting water networks, electro mechanical works, constructions and providing environmental solutions. The company was established in 2010 and it succeeded in executing a number of projects in different governorates of the Sultanate.
Ara’a successfully managed to connect water networks for more than 5000 houses from different governorates and is currently working on expanding its operations in new divisions.
Ara’a United benefited from the project in executing the expansion plan that is set to include the installation of electricity connections and installation of all safety measures and procedures in houses and offices.
Salasel Electric is a company that specializes in electrical switches and electrical control regulations. The company relies on the vast experience of the project owner and the support of his father, Hassan bin Mohsen al-Tobi, who
has a substantial wealth of experience in the field of electricity.
The factory started small, but possess a well-organized management system that is committed to use the best practices when it comes to the manufacturing of high-quality products.
The production lines are organized and adhered by security and safety laws and all products are
subject to technical inspection before exiting the factory.
During the BP project for SME Development, the factory was able to adopt a new strategic method in the operations by enacting laws and regulations and legalizing all administrative and financial processes and putting them in a practical and scientific framework.
Badr Al Toubi, is passionate in learning new ideas to develop the factory and he believes employees are the key element for quality and sustainability of business. So, he focused on developing the following areas:
• Continuously improving the work
environment and production lines efficiency
• Developing a training program for the
electrical engineering students from Nizwa
College of Technology to build their practical
• New human resources policy
• Improving financial management and
introducing new systems to facilitate the
Energy Pioneers (EPCO) is a company specializes in electrical contracting sector in Ad Dhahira Governorate at Ibri- and serving all the nearby governorates.
Despite the high costs of Omanization, the company has recruited a team of Omani Engineers and Technicians. The owners are keen to open up job opportunities for Omanis to motivate locals and strengthen Omani’s
The company received the annual Riyada Entrepreneurship award as the best medium service organization for the year 2014, which was reflected by the vision of its CEO Omar Al- Abri for the future of the company.
Throughout the BP Khazzan Project for SME Development, Energy Pioneers accomplished the followings:
• Under Human Resources category, updating the organizational structure of the company, clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of the employees, updating the human resources manual and the operations and
quality policy Manual
• In Communications, updating all means of social media channels and the content to suit the requirements of the business.
• In Marketing, enhancing the business corporate identity (branding) and developed
a marketing plan
• In Finance, finalization of the financial year end audits, organize the business accounts and develop monthly financial reports
Lotus Oils Lubricants is one of the leading manufacturers of motor oil lubricants in the Sultanate of Oman. Lotus products are popular in the Governorates of Al Buraimi, Ad Dhahirah and Ad Dakhiliyah. The company exports its reliable products to several foreign countries.
The factory is located in the Industrial Area of Al Buraimi. The factory uses the latest technologies and machinery for producing motor oils and other lubricants.
Mr. Hamdan Al-Issaie, owner and CEO of the factory, joined the BP Khazzan Project for SME Development to improve the administrative and financial position of the company and to obtain consultancy advice on the company’s performance and how to enhance it.
Through the field visits by Sharakah specialists, the project was able to identify and promote the positive aspects and identify it’s weaknesses and develop a plan to overcome them.
Lotus Oil Lubricants drew up a strategic plan to strengthen the production lines by purchasing a new production line to meet the needs of the market and improve the quality of packing and the efficiency of human resources.
AMTA Engineering LLC is one of the electrical contracting and power companies that work directly with the electricity distribution companies.
The company also operates in the field of energy conservation and rationalization technologies by providing large companies and factories with energy consumption analysis and equipment technologies that allow companies to reduce wastage of energy and efficient consumption of power.
The owners are technically sound, BP Khazzan Project for SME Development has helped AMTA to develop the tasks executed and focused on eliminating the weaknesses of the project in the administrative and marketing side.
During Khazzan Project for SME Development it achieved the following:
• Developed the corporate brand which was developed by a specialized company and
they adopted the change on the marketing methods and plan.
• Adding new products in energy saving technology.
• Developing new strategies in renewable energy technologies, where the project has purchased a software specialized in drawing site plan for solar energy.
• Improve the financial statement of the
company and finalize important aspects of financial reports.
• Purchase new and modern equipment for the technical team to facilitate the electrical
auditing and marketing services of the company.
Qamar Al Faiafi is a company operating in the
field of Aluminium framing and blacksmith
workshops which was founded in 2014.
The company provides its services to
homeowners and contractors in willayat
Mahadha in particular. The company is
manufacturing the doors, windows and other
aluminum products manually without any
automated machines.
The owner – Ms. Amira Al Shamsi- has
enrolled for the BP Khazzan Project for SME
Development with the intention to develop the
Through the analysis of the reports and the
guidance provided, the project was able to:
• Formulate a new business plan
• Update the feasibility study and develop a
new vision
• Expand the production and develop a
branding for the project called (Sabaik)
The project developed a new financial system
and a new administrative team with marketing
staff. The company moved to a new location
and invested in equipment to improve the
quality of production and the speed of delivery.
Ajyal Al Batinah is a bilingual nursery school
in Saham which was incorporated in 2016.
The school is owned by Moza Al Darmaki
with assistance from her brother Sulaiman Al
Darmaki. All the staff in the management and
the teaching faculty are qualified Omanis.
Ajyal School has evolved and progressed
introducing a unique Electronic Supervision
Device installed in all its school buses. The
super device, connected to parents’ mobile
phones, tracks the movement of the children to
and from the school every day.
Through the BP Khazzan project for SME
development, major achievements were
• In 2018, Ajyal signed a contract with Tayyar
Systems to implement the Electronic
Supervision applications (Mushrif) in all the
school buses, which makes them the first
school in Saham, to implement this system
• A specialized financial system was installed
to ease tracking the financials of the school
and manage its cashflow.
• Support in developing a marketing plan for
the school.
• In-depth guidance and tips on how to enhance
the contents of the social media accounts.
Energy Teks was founded in 2016 with high ambitious plans and significant commitments to offer unique technologies which will help Oman reduce costs associated with Oil field operations.
Energy Teks has managed to sign a referral technical partnership agreement with an exceptional down-hole drilling tools company from Norway. The tool will provide solutions that will make a huge impact in the drilling technology industry in Oman.
Energy Teks is running trial contracts with major oil companies to validate the efficiency of the down-hole drilling tool. Recently, Energy Teks added an Artificial Intelligence software tool from USA. BP Oman has played a supportive role through its program, to facilitate the expenditure of the unique down-hole tool.
“Ishraqaat Silver Crafts” is a unique project
owned by a dedicated lady Silversmith– Nadia Al Rawahi. Ishraqaat is a handicraft workshop
that manufactures Omani Khanjars, Silver and Gold ornaments, antiques and gifts.
Nadia has participated in several exhibitions locally and internationally including the big Shanghai Expo in China, Seih Al-Shamakhat exhibition, Ebdaat Omani exhibition organized by Riyada, The Annual Jewelry Exhibition,
among others.
During the program, Nadiya was guided to revamp Isharaqat’s brand and develop its
logo. The company has been assisted to track and analyze the financial statements and plan properly for current and future projections for operations. There has been marginal improvement in the BPMT rating.
Gulf Seed is a company owned by Amal Al Maamari and managed by Suhail Al Maamary.
The Company specializes in manufacturing tailor-made doors and windows with all the exclusive designs using the high-quality German technology (UPVC products).
The project has expanded its services in the workshop and introduced a new Bending Machine from Turkey to offer better quality products within shorter timeframe. Part of the grant has been utilized in the purchase of an advanced welding machine to expand the operations and diversity into various types of kitchen doors, windows and cupboards. The other benefits of the BP Khazzan project for SME Development included the installation of modern CCTV cameras and HR matters, like the insurance cover for all the employees of the workshop.
Their Rating significantly improved from 19.41% (Poor) to 39.39% (Average)
Willayat As Seeb, Governorate of Muscat

Aziz Nasser Hamad Al Naamani

Bait Al Numan (Top Medical Care) is a medical complex that offers essential biomedical services as well as complementary and holistic health programs for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of various distresses and stresses.

Top Medical Care is the first clinic in Oman specialized in dealing with mental and emotional health problems. The clinic provides Counseling and Talking therapies for people with relationship problems, family problems, children with psychological difficulties, anxiety and depression.