Program Partners

Supporting Organizations

Khazzan Project for SME Development is supervised by Sharakah and delivered in association with several organizations from the public and private sector.

Ministry of Oil and Gas

the governmental body in the Sultanate of Oman responsible for developing and implementing the government policy for exploiting the oil and gas resources in Oman.

Oman Oil Company for Exploration & Production (OOCEP)

The company was established as a subsidiary of Oman Oil Company. It manages energy related investments that are inline with the strategy of Oman Oil Company. .

The Public Authority for SME Development (Riyada)

The Public Authority for Small & Medium Enterprises Development (Riyada) is the Sultanate of Oman`s arm for the development of small and medium enterprises and the strengthening of their contribution to the local economy through a wide range of business advisory services and training programs.

Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI)

Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI) was established on the 15th of May, 1973 as a public utility establishment that aims at regulating commercial and industrial interest and represent it.

Office of the Governorate of Ad Dakhiliyah

Office of the Governorate of Ad Dhahirah