Khazzan Project for SME Development 3

Overview of the Program

Enhancing the performance of 24 SMEs by evaluating their qualities and potentials
through identifying their strength points and potential growth opportunities in 12
months in 7 different areas: Business Administration, Branding and Marketing,
Finance, Human Resources, Communication and Relations, Products and Service
Quality, and Policies.

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Shams Al Abyad Trading LLC is a manufacturing workshop for UPVC doors and windows. The project
targets residential, commercial, industrial and governmental
buildings. They have high-quality German technology which is used for
locks and accessories The project expanded by opening
a new showroom in Barka. They added new equipment to increase the
project’s productivity. The Aluminum doors produced by the project are unique and distinguished with a touch
of Omani heritage.
Quick Touch Car Service is a car repair and maintenance center. It was established in 2013 and expanded in
The center offers advance car painting services using a new American technology and it is the first project
that applies this technology in the region.
Thurayabiz LLC is a company involved in branding and out-of-the-box
marketing services. Located in Sohar, ThurayaBiz has been directly involved
in reinventing business models and aligning the organizations to become
more valuable to its clients now and in the future.
ThurayaBiz approach to understanding business objectives and formulating
an ‘out-of-the-box’ strategy is unique.
The company has created the concept of value scorecard. It has successfully distinguished why good and bad ideas should not have the same values.
ThurayaBiz with their out-of-the-box ideas, has identified key strategic initiatives designed to address current market issues and opportunities.
Arabian Company for International Harbor (Khayam) is a tourism
company providing inbound and outbound services. Other than tours, the company is also involved in car
rental services. Operational since 2013, the company provides tour
packages to cater to various market segments.
Khayam has built a name for itself with its wide and massive range of cultural
tours, adventurous tours therapeutic tours, sports tours including VIP and personalized tours.
Tayyar Systems specializes in system integration. Tayyar developed two
flagship products - The Electronic Supervisor and Sa’eq.
The Electronic Supervisor is a smart identification system for students’
transportation management. Saéq is a system that tracks drones.
The electronic Supervisor (ES) is now used by several private schools in
Oman and the ES mobile application is available on smart phones to be
downloaded by schools (Manager app) and parents (Supervisor app).
Smart Way Featured Projects LLC Oman is a service entity, established to provide local petroleum
companies with solutions to reduce waste produced from downstream operations.
Smart Way has secured several projects with Haya Water, Orpic, and some energy companies.
National Bright Projects Oilfield Services LLC is a one stop shop
service inspection company providing comprehensive oil field inspection
The company did not complete the program as the owner works in another company that provides the
same services.
Muscat Icons is an Aluminum Workshop established in 2016 and
owned by Ms. Maryam Al Nairi, located in Willayat As Seeb.
The company did not complete the program.
Smart Network Trading (SNT) is an Industrial Automation company providing a broad range of information
technology and automation products and services. The company is also involved with providing IT consultancy
and solutions, Information security, and IT project management. SNT offers dynamic and comprehensive solutions. The company has successfully executed projects related to networking solutions, and structured cabling for Electricity & Water companies. SNT also installed a number of CCTV cameras in government offices.
Al Shomoukh Unique Garments is a factory that specializes in tailoring all types of uniforms as per clients
orders. The company has a strong base of customers from individuals,
companies and government entities.
The company expanded its customer base to include new clients from both private and public sectors. Shumoukh went through a rebranding exercise to reflect the identity of the business.
They also installed a new financial system to have better control on the
Innotech was established in 2013 by 4 Omani engineers. Innotech is one of the first companies in Oman
specializing in 3D printing. Innotech succeeded in developing what they call “InnoBox” and sell it locally
and globally. Innotech is active in conducting workshops and building awareness amongst locals about 3D
Innotech launched “InnoBox” and started exporting it worldwide.
InnoBox is an educational tool for children to teach them about electronics in a safe, fun and practical way using custom designed electronic parts that snap together easily using
magnets. Othman Al Manthari, the founder was announced as the Best Entrepreneur in Oman at Riyada
Award in 2017. Since, the company has participated in many exhibitions locally and internationally.
Ibn Juma Al Fahdi Trading is an Omani company that specializes in designing, manufacturing, purifying
and filtering sodium from water. Ibn Juma Al Fahdi Trading was established in 2010 and they operate
in different areas, such as; installation and setting-up of swimming pools, water pumps, fire safety devises and
electrical control panels. Ibn Juma has expanded his business
to serve hotels, government institutes, companies and factories. As a result of the demand, the company has
expanded and built an additional warehouse to store materials 
General Technical Resources (GTR)
was established in 2012 to provide
highly effective integrated solutions
in telecommunication, electrical and
infrastructure sectors. The company
successfully completed projects for
Omantel, Oman Fiber Optic, Zubair
Corporation, Bahwan and others.
Recently, GTR managed to get
contracts with Sultan Qaboos
University and Oman Broadband
Company. GTR was awarded ISO
quality certificate and have expanded
their services to include connecting
fiber optic cables. In 2017, they
opened a new office in Al Khoudh and
the number
Five Oceans LLC is a fish processing unit that exports different varieties of fishes to local and international markets such as Africa and Europe. Five Oceans was conferred with
the Riyada Award for Best Medium Size Manufacturing Company in Oman in 2015. In 2018, the company
was awarded His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashed Award for Best Manufacturing SME in the Arab World.
Earlier in the year, he launched a new brand called Tari and the factory was the first in Oman to achieve British
Retail Consortium (BRC) Certificate with A Grade in 2017.
Fateel for integrated projects is a Date Production Factory. It produces various kinds of dates, in addition to
packaging dates. It is characterized by the production of dates kernel coffee.
The project serves the people of the governorate of Al Dakhiliyah.
Fateel participated in the Annual Date Festival. Used the grant to purchase new equipment including
a refrigerator to store dates and a packaging machine.

Dhawahi Al Ain Al Wataniyah known as (Nizwa Paper Products) was established in 2015. The factory is
located in Nizwa Industrial Estate and produces paper products
like disposable cups. In a short span of time, the factory has gained the acumen and expertise needed to handle all types of orders.
Its Working hard to install online systems and policies to meet the growing market demand.
The project is a bricks factory located in Daba. The factory produces several types of bricks, such as ordinary
hollow bricks with different sizes 10 centimeters, 15 centimeters, 20 centimeters, and crushed bricks. It also produces thermal insulation bricks.
• The project witnessed an
improvement in its Administrative
and Financial procedures
• It has been awarded an industrial
land from the government and
will be moving to a new location
that offers more space and
reduced rental charges
• At the time of the 2nd evaluation
the project was in re-allocation
Al Mahri Industrial Project is specialized in producing different types of fences. It’s a newly formed company established in 2016 and it is located in industrial area in Gala. The company was able to secure 2 contracts worth OMR 160,000 and was the first company to secure additional finance from Sharakah. Production has expanded and they have a better administrative structure in place.
Al Batinah Marbles is a marble factory located in Tharmad. The project was established in 2012 and has served the locals as well as the international markets like Asia, Africa and the Gulf countries. The company is involved in geological surveys and mapping of potential marble quarries. They also research new ways of minimizing waste durin marble cutting processes and utilize any waste for productive purposes.
Al Batinah Marbles has invested in new equipment and expanded its technical capabilities to provide variety of products and services.
Ard Alluban presses and repairs all types of hydraulic hose pipes and turnery of metals. During five years,
they have opened four workshops in different places near the fields of Khazan, Qaran Alam (Ghaba) and Daqum.
• Ard Alluban opened second
branch in Willayat Sohar
• Ard Alluban opened new shop
specializing in security and safety
in Nizwa
• The company has an excellent
marketing plan and financial
Aflak Al Sama has established Aseelah Coffee brand in 2016.
They provide coffee which is prepared using high-quality coffee beans imported from different parts of the world and roasted through best roasting machines to deliver variety of coffee flavors.
• New packaging and grinding
machines obtained as part
of product development and
• The company and staff are
• The owner is registered with PASI
as a staff in the company
• Proper assets register is
maintained for the project
Abu Al Khuzama Medical Center is Sole-Proprietor. The center consists of Dental Clinic, General Clinic and
The center expanded its services in the main branch by purchasing new medical equipment and it opened a
new branch in Willayat As Seeb.
The business is a boutique for making Abayas, Dresses and Wedding Gowns. The owner, Ms. Hajer has
obtained a qualification from Lebanon and studied fashion designing. Her boutique aims to showcase and sell her designs to interested female customers.
Due to non-compliance from the business owner, a second assessment could not be completed. The company participated in Eid Al Fitir 2017 Exhibition in Oman Convention and Exhibition Center.
Willayat Nizwa, Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah

Processing and Selling of Dates

Ali Batty Hamood Al Daree

Abraj Desert Unique Projects is a division of Batty Hamood Khanfoor Al Daree Group of companies, established since 1982. Abraj Desert Unique started operations in 2009 from its base in Temsa, Nizwa Industrial Area.  A few years after establishment, Abraj Desert Unique Projects started to offer a comprehensive range of products in the oil field equipment fabrication and superstructure field including structural fabrication.